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Kindergarten (4-6 y.o)

Fun Learning Experience Through Play

In toddler unit, your toddler will learn more new things. Walking changes everything. Your toddler wants to go everywhere and do everything. My Tootsie Bear Child Care and Daycare takes great care to create a well and safe environment, excitement and exercise which will enable us to help your toddler to socialize with others and learn more subjects as preschooler.

Our curriculum concentrate on 4 (four) important aspect in children development, such as: Emotional and Social

Development, Gross and soft motor Development, Linguistic Development and Intellectual Development.

Your toddler will engage activities, such as:

  • Active & Gross Motor Play: Rocking and riding toys and large climbing structures.
  • Fine Motor Play: Action/reaction toys, puzzles and stacking toys, lacing, cutting, tracing
  • Language Development: story telling and concept of alphabetical
  • Music & Movement: musical instruments, song and movement and puppets.
  • Creative Arts & Exploration: drawing and coloring, art materials, and sensory materials
  • Little science, Pre math: real exploration on some materials in life and concept of numbering
  • Character Building and Practical Life
  •  Toilet Training for teaching your toddler free from diaper 

We have doctor visit once in every three months and many events during the year to celebrate, such as Valentine’s Day, Independence Day, Mothers Day, Father′s Day, Independence Day etc. You may celebrate your birthday party with all of your friends in here too!


Your Toddler’s Day

 In My Tootsie Bear Child Care, your toddler will experience blends of activities as routine at home and at school.

  • Group activities like playing, singing songs or exploring books.
  • Teacher-initiated activities like music or art and physical excercise
  • Child-directed activities in our Learning Centers.
  • A snuggly story time.
  • Meal and nap times to nourish and rest your child’s growing mind and body.
  • Outdoor play to burn off energy and develop motor skills.

You will also receive daily report about your child activities during the day so you can be confident we’ve provided a range of activities designed to engage your toddler and encourage fine and gross motor skills, language development and an understanding of caring relationships.


Kindergarten (4-6 y.o)

 This program is purposely designed for preparing your child for the higher level in Elementary School.

Your children will have the same schedule as toddler, but they will learn more in reading and writing through phonic. They will also explore more in math such as simple calculation and simple problem solving. Other subjects will be continuing the program in toddler program as an integrated program for ensuring the optimum development of your child.

As the older member in the day care, our kindergartener will be taught to be a leader and big brother or sister for the younger ones.

Some of our members which attend formal school outside and join after school, will experience half day care. They will join the afternoon class as well and get assistance from our teachers in doing their assignment from school.

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