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Child Care My Tootsie Bear strives to provide a secure, happy, enriching and loving environment convenient to your home or place of work. Our centers respond to today′s growing need of working parents for the kind of excellent childcare facilities that foster peace of mind.

We believe that the effective way to teach our children is through playing. We work to make each day a happy learning experience for your child by including opportunities for socialization, group play, reading aloud, pre math, Physical Exercise, drama play, music and arts/crafts. Besides, we guide them to respect themselves, others and the environment appropriately.

Children will be in a developmentally appropriate learning environment in which children can solve problems and express their feelings through language, art and other creative areas. Children will develop a passion of learning in a loving atmosphere and a readiness for formal school that emphasizes literacy skills as well as social, emotional, physical, cognitive, intellectual, and creative abilities

We believe that our home is the most key factor in our child′s life. It is the wish of our child care center to be an extension of the home.
My Tootsie Bear Child Care and Learning Center is designed to reinforce the principles and character-building in the home. Our children deserve the best education that we, together, can give as a solid team. We welcome to our parents participation in our event or activity, or short visit for interaction, nursing/ feeding the baby.
Our caregivers and staffs are people that dedicated their time and professionalism for children. We support the teacher and caregivers with training, resources, and the freedom to create a unique learning environment.  We provide many opportunities for them to share ideas and grow professionally.  Our staffs create a caring nurturing atmosphere that fosters each child′s creativity and positive self-image.

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